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Guitar Tabs on a Guild Guitar - Read this before playing guitar tablature!

Learning how to play guitar tabs? Wanting to learn how to play guitar tablature? If you have been browsing the internet, you will have noticed that there are many sites devoted to guitar tabs, guitar tabs, and more guitar tabs! There are so many kinds of guitar tabs that you can play! This is a good reason to take up guitar playing. There are guitar tabs of your favorite musicians, or songs that you wished that you could always play. Ever thought about purchasing a Guild guitar to play your favorite guitar tablature on? Before you purchase one, or play your guitar tabs on one, read about the history of the Guild guitar.

The Guild guitar was created by Alfred Dronge and George Mann in 1952. Dronge was a professional guitar player who also had his own music store. Interestingly enough, Mann was a former Epiphone executive (the Guild was created after the Gibson-Epiphone, as another option for guitar players).

They set up shop in New York, and at the time, it was a good place to be. Jazz musicians were starting their origins in New York, and the factories that produced the Gibsons were pumping out guitars to keep up with the demands.

After Mann left the partnership, Dronge started employing international craftsmen who were skilled in various types of guitars from around the world. This allowed for constant improvement in the design and sound of these guitars.

Once production started expanding, Dronge moved him and his staff to New Jersey. Again, his business proved to be a success, so he moved to Rhode Island. The production side, however, stayed in Rhode Island, while all of the administrative offices stayed in New Jersey. However, while commuting between the two places in 1972, Dronge got into plane crash and died.

Fortunately, the Guild tradition has lived on. The toughest parts were in the 70s and 80s, recently after Dronge's death, when the production side was having to keep on top in its efforts to maintain superior craftmanship. Eventually, in 1995, Fender Instruments purchased Guild and has only achieved success for the Guild guitar name.