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History of the Classical Guitar, Part 3

Before you move on to learning about guitar tabs, guitar chords or guitar tablature, read this passage about the origin of the word guitar. You will give you an advantage when you do decide to learn guitar chords, guitar tabs or tablature. Guitar tabs are fun, but learning about the origins can be even funner!

The origin of the word guitar can be quite confusing. The guitar was most likely invented in Portugal, however, the actual origins behind the invention are a bit fuzzy. A Spanish moor by the name of Al-Guitar is given credit for the creation.

We can then conclude that the guitar has ancient Arabic roots, since a moor was the one given credit for the invention. However, this goes contrary to our previous discussion about the origin of the word guitar.

However, if you were to focus on a particular area, such as Portugal or the middle east, the origins of the guitar can be quite different. Who started what first and where is still a mystery. As the guitar traveled around to different regions, the people in each area would change it to utilize their own wants and needs. Therefore, although the guitar may be all around the world, the actual type of guitar can be quite different in each region.