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Taking Care of Your Guitar before Learning Guitar Chords

Part 2 of the Guitar Chords Saga

Believe it or not, the way a guitar looks can affect the sound it makes when you are trying new riffs, or playing guitar chords. So, before you begin to learn how to play guitar chords, sign up for our guitar lessons class to learn chords, or before you play chords on your new guitar, read how to take care of it. It is important that a guitar looks good in order for it to play guitar chords, or anything very well.

As you probably already have noticed, the finish on the guitar is nice and smooth. It is also very sensitive and delicate, just like the body of a car itself.

Try to avoid wiping the finish clean with harsh or abrasive chemicals. In addition, never use synthetic cloths or fibers. These can damage the exterior of your guitar, causing it to chip, scratch, or crack.

Also, sometimes, after you are done playing your instrument rather intensely, you might end up with perspiration on the body of the guitar. Do not leave the guitar wet!

Make sure that you clean it with a non-synthetic cloth before you put it back into the case. Also, make sure that you take off all straps on the guitar after playing (these can damage the guitar), and that you cushion the body with guitar-sanctioned cushions when placing it into the case.