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History of the Classical Guitar and Guitar Chords and Tabs

History of the Classical Guitar, Part 7

The guitarra latina was a lot more curvy and is thought to have gone to Spain from another European country. This style is more similar to the modern guitar, and could have influenced the shaping of today's guitar more so than the morisca.

Another reason why the designs, styles and overall look of the guitar was changing so much was because often troubadours would travel across Europe, singing and playing music on their guitar-like instrument in order to earn money. These entertainers did a lot more than just provide a form of entertainment and musical amusement. They also spread the word about this instrument, and hence, spread the ideas about it as well.

We have just covered the origins of the guitar, as well as guitar chords information, in all of these various regions. The actual evolution of the guitar continues through the 19th and 20th century, and as you read this passage. We will continuously update this and add more information when we get it. Eventually, we would like to lay out a clear, concise progression of the formation of the guitar, and guitar chords and guitar tabs, so that you can trace its lineage (or supposed lineage) yourself.