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Buying a guitar - Part 3

Only when you have found the builder that offers the options you want in a guitar should you then look at price. Be prepared to pay for what you want. A good guitar is not cheap but will make learning those new guitar tabs much easier. If your guitar feels right, guitar tabs sound better and are learned quicker than trying to learn guitar tabs on a guitar that was bought because it was cheap.

Getting a good price for your guitar is not the only concern. You should also look at a warranty. If the builder won't stand behind their guitar for a reasonable period of time, you should look elsewhere. Also look at repairs or adjustments in the future. If the builder is small and less known, you may have to take the guitar to him or her specifically if you need repairs or adjustments. Larger guitar builders will usually have authorized repair centers where repairs can be handled.

When all of these details have been addressed, you can then feel somewhat secure in knowing that you will have the right guitar for your style and you will get it at a fair price. Then you can begin practicing those guitar tabs you have learned.