Guitar Lessons Online

What's so cool about old school guitar music lessons?

Admit it, you just don't have time for guitar music lessons the way we used to know them. Instead of driving across town to join a group of other aspiring musicians to wait for your guitar music teacher to show, you could download a new song right now, one of your favorites, and start playing right away. Those old school guitar music lessons will never be as interesting to you ever again!

Online lessons show you the exact chords, notes, fingerings and guitar music techniques -- like slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and vibratos -- in your favorite songs. They are specifically designed to help you visualize every aspect of your favorite songs -- right on the fretboard of an animated guitar -- to help make learning easier, faster and more fun!

Rather than guitar music lessons teaching you a song by just walking you through guitar tabs or sheet music, online lessons uses an intuitive interface and an animated guitar to actually show you what note or chord to play and when, what strings to strike and when, and whether to strum up or down as the software sounds out the chords and notes for you -- all at whatever tempo you choose.