Guitar Lessons Online

The cost of guitar music lessons vs. learning guitar songs online

How much would you pay for regular guitar music lessons? Maybe twenty or even fifty dollars a lesson? Well, instead of paying for guitar music lessons over and over, you could pay to learn guitar songs online right now. How many months of guitar music lessons would it take to learn ten songs? Usually, if you figure four guitar lessons a month, one song a month, that makes each song cost you $80 or more when you learn them the old way by going to "music lessons."

Rather than teaching you a song by just walking you through guitar tabs or sheet music, online lessons uses an intuitive interface and an animated guitar to actually show you what note or chord to play and when, what strings to strike and when, and whether to strum up or down as the software sounds out the chords and notes for you -- all at whatever tempo you choose.

Try it today and you'll see exactly how it can help you learn how to play guitar and start playing your favorite tunes faster than ever before.