Guitar Lessons Online

Three secrets to remember when you learn to play guitar music

1) You learn the most music when you're having fun. That's why when you learn to play guitar songs online, your music learning curve is greatly accelerated.

2) You learn music faster when you are in "your space," in other words, an environment that is comfortable and familiar. That way your mind can concentrate and focus on learning, rather than the new distractions of a strange room if you went to guitar lessons in another location. In your own space, you learn to play music faster.

3) Songs that you choose to learn are easier to learn to play on the guitar than songs that you have been given to learn by a teacher. In other words, if you get to choose your favorite music, you are already in a mindset which is more primed for learning quickly. Your "interested" state is turned on already, and you mentally link learning music with the pleasure of songs you already really like.

Some will still tell you to learn your guitar tabs, guitar scales, and guitar rythyms before you move on to learning complete guitar songs. But others are taking an entirely different approach. Actually lots of different approaches! There's animated guitar lessons, watch and play guitar lesson videos, and some day we'll probably have something like virtual reality guitar lessons.