Guitar Lessons Online

How hard should it be to learn guitar music?

Music shouldn't be frustrating, nor should it be hard to learn guitar music. Guitar is a very natural instrument, and a very satisfying one to learn when you take the right approach. In fact, when you really want to learn guitar music, you seem to keep learning even in your sleep! Online lessons will help you learn guitar and your favorite songs faster than ever.

Guitar lessons online show you the exact chords, notes, fingerings and guitar techniques -- like slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and vibratos -- in your favorite songs. They are specifically designed to help you visualize every aspect of your favorite songs and to help make learning easier, faster and more fun!

Some will still tell you to learn your guitar tabs, guitar scales, and guitar rythyms before you move on to learning complete guitar songs. But others are taking an entirely different approach. Actually lots of different approaches! There's animated guitar lessons, watch and play guitar lesson videos, and some day we'll probably have something like virtual reality guitar lessons.

But for now, guitar lessons are here to stay and there's never been a better time to learn how to play. This site should help you make some good choices, and also serve as an educational hub for the emerging future of online guitar music and guitar music lessons. We hope you will find something here from time to time that makes you even more passionate about playing guitar music.