Guitar Chords and Guitar Lessons

Types of Guitars, Part 1

This section will aid you in your guitar lessons quest!

In this section, we will cover types of American guitars. We will start off slowly, and add to the list as we go along. This might help you in your quest as you start taking guitar lessons, or if you are interested in taking guitar lessons but are not sure which guitar to practice on, or which is useful for each particular need.

Are you an entertainer? Or do you just play for fun? Do you like to play solo, or do you play in a band? This can all determine what kind of guitar that you should purchase. Although each guitar is equally wonderful to use, depending on the type of sound or look you want, you might want to check out a wide array of different types of guitars to find one you like. Remember, if you plan to take guitar lessons for a long time, you will be stuck with this guitar for a while. So, make sure it is one that you really enjoy (although they are all equally beautiful).

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