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History of the Classical Guitar and Guitar Chords and Tabs

History of the Classical Guitar, Part 6

Ever wonder how guitar chords sounded back in the olden days when the guitar was first originating? We don't have a sound byte to play the guitar chords for you from that period, but read the below passage and see if you can imagine the guitar chords being played in your head.

In Europe, any instruments that might have been similar to the guitar came much, much later. These instruments first started appearing in the third century AD. These instruments can trace their lineage back to the Carolingian Dynasty of either France or Germany.

Besides the Carolingian type of instrument, there was another guitar-like instrument that was created alongside it. This new instrument was created upon the old style by adding some curves to the actual body.

We must not forget Spain! There were two types of guitar instruments that originated in Spain and Portugal. They are the guitarra latina and the guitarra morisca. The morisca type of guitar was brought (or developed) by the Moors. This style looks a little like a guitar looks today. Arabs traveling through Egypt on their way to the Arabian conquests in Spain may have passed along some of these instrumental ideas. Or, it could be the other way around, where the Europeans brought some of their ideas to the Arabians. No one knows, but regardless, we are definitely reaping the rewards of this great musical invention.

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