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History of the Classical Guitar and Guitar Chords

Part 5 of the Guitar and Guitar Chords History

We haven't really discussed anything about guitar chords or about learning chords because it doesn't make sense to learn a part of a larger whole. Chords are part of the guitar and its history, therefore before learning them, it is wise to invest some time in learning about the history of the guitar, chords, and other essential items to this beautiful instrument. Chords are the foundation for playing guitar music, but the history is the foundation for why we even have guitar music in the first place. So, before getting too far ahead of yourself in guitar tabs, books, and lessons, read this passage and pay homage to the guitar and its origins.

In the middle eastern cities such as Assyria, there is even more evidence of people playing instruments that resembled the guitar.

In the ancient Roman civilization, the guitar was made up of just wood.

In Egypt, an instrument similar to the guitar emerged from the Egyptian bow-shaped harp. Eventually, some of the features inherent in this instrument merged with another to become an instrument that would serve as the model for future guitar-making. This new instrument became the stepping stone for all future necked string instruments (regardless of whether they were plucked instruments or bowed).